SAGE 2019

Thanks to everyone who attended SAGE/2019
and contributed to its great success!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


  • Registration

  • Breakfast

  • Opening Remarks

    by Seth Sternberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Honor

  • Keynote Address | “What Are Old People For?”

    Speaker | Dr. Bill Thomas, Geriatrician and Founder of Minka, LLC, The Eden Alternative, and The Green House Project

  • Fireside Chat | Can Tech Innovation Transform the Aging Market?

    Speakers | Yoky Matsuoka, Ph.D., Vice President at Google and Seth Sternberg

  • Break

  • Panel Discussion | The New Language of Aging

    How lifestyles and attitudes are changing the way we speak to and represent older adults

    Speakers | Fred Siegel, Managing Partner at Fred Siegel Partners and Helen Dennis, Syndicated Columnist at the Southern California Newspaper Group

    Moderator | Cameron Tuttle, Editorial and Content Director at Honor

  • Panel Discussion | Innovative Models for Senior Living

    Exploring what’s needed for older adults to thrive at home—and the next generation of creative living environments

    Speakers | Loren Shook, CEO of Silverado; Jennifer Clymer, Director of Media at Motion Picture Television Fund; Amy Sweet, CEO of Halcyon Home; Mindy Baker, Ph.D., Director of Education at George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers

    Moderator | Greg McCarthy, Founder and CEO of TheraCare

  • Lunch

  • Panel Discussion | The Demographics of Dementia

    How new learning is advancing the ways we train professionals, families, and the public to meet the growing demand for care

    Speakers | Michelle Cornelius, LMSW, EdM, Director of Memory Care Programs at Cypress HomeCare Solutions; Dr. Scott Kaiser, Director of Geriatric Cognitive Health at Pacific Neuroscience Institute and Chief Innovation Officer at Motion Picture Television Fund; Susan Howland, Program Director at the Alzheimer’s Association

    Moderator | Bob Roth, Managing Partner of Cypress HomeCare Solutions

  • Panel Discussion | Spotlight on the Workforce Shortage

    Solutions and new insights from the front lines of the caregiver crisis in Los Angeles County

    Speakers | Shannon Sedgwick, Senior Economist at the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation; Jessica Ku Kim, Senior Director of Workforce Development at the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation; Jenna Hauss, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Community-Based Services at ONEgeneration

    Moderator | Andrea Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO at HouseWorks

  • Panel Discussion | Who Will Pay for Care?

    A look at current care payment options—and imagining how consumer demand might affect how care is financed in the future

    Speakers | Gretchen Alkema, Ph.D., Vice President of Policy and Communications at the SCAN Foundation and Dr. Noah Marco, Chief Medical Officer at the Los Angeles Jewish Home

    Moderator | Nita Sommers, President at Honor

  • Coffee and Dessert Break

  • Panel Discussion | Better Care Integration and Outcomes

    How today’s healthcare innovators are improving care coordination and patient health along the care continuum

    Speakers | Dr. Christine Cassel, Presidential Chair and Visiting Professor at UCSF School of Medicine; Felipe Orsono, Head of Continuum of Care Operations and Value Improvement at Keck Medicine of USC; Shirley Otis-Green, Founder of Collaborative Caring

    Moderator | Joel Theisen, CEO and Founder of Lifesprk

  • Fireside Chat | Driving Awareness and Action Through Advocacy

    How today’s healthcare innovators are improving care coordination and patient health along the care continuum

    Speaker | Trevor O’Neil, President of Colonial Home Care and Councilman for the City of Anaheim and Seth Sternberg

  • Closing Remarks

    by Seth Sternberg

  • Cocktails, Networking, and Farewells